Bloomy Lotus S02 Frankincense Essential Oil, 10 ml

Bloomy Lotus S02 Frankincense Essential Oil, 10 ml


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Used for thousands of years, Frankincense Essential Oil offers a meditative, fresh scent that promotes clear breathing and a feeling of peace and overall wellness. This Bloomy Lotus® Essential Oil provides a sweet, woody aroma to soothe the spirit. Renowned as one of the most prized and precious oils in the world, the name is derived from the French “franc encens” or “pure incense” for its extraordinary woody, earthy, and spicy nuance. Blends well with bergamot or lavender to create a natural sense of peace and relaxation. Add 3-4 drops to a favorite Bloomy Lotus diffuser for a calm scent, perfect for nights of stress or concentration. ECOCETICO and USDA Organic certified. 10 ml.



• Sweet, woodsy scent
• Offers a fresh, inviting aroma to calm and delight the senses


*Frankincense Carteri Essential Oil *Certified Organic by ECOCETICO and USDA Organic Standards

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