Bloomy Lotus Crystal Car Diffuser

Bloomy Lotus Crystal Car Diffuser


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Release a dreamy scent throughout your vehicle with the Bloomy Lotus® Crystal Car Diffuser. Made from high-quality metal and featuring a unique multifaceted design, the sleek Bloomy Lotus® Crystal Car Diffuser resembles a perfectly cut crystal. Designed to blend seamlessly with the interior of any vehicle, this elegant scent diffuser clips easily to air vents and efficiently releases aroma with its innovative, heat-free design. 3 count refill included.


- High quality metal material
- 3pcs refill stick is included


  • Product Size: 23mm(D) x 89mm (L)
  • Product Color: Black
  • Material: Metal with an anti-erosion coating based with Crystal effect PP cover
  • Others: Design Patented by Bloomy Lotus

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