Bloomy Lotus B04 Rejuvenate Essential Oil, 5 ml

Bloomy Lotus B04 Rejuvenate Essential Oil, 5 ml


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Nourish the skin and restore a youthful glow with this Bloomy Lotus® Rejuvenate Essential Oil. This blend harnesses the power of natural essential oils to visibly reduce the appearance of aging. Featuring a complex mixture of skin-loving palmarosa, soothing copaiba, and nourishing rose absolute, this all-natural, organic essential oil combines well with an existing skin care routine. Simply add a few drops of the Rejuvenate blend to a favorite lotion or carrier oil for firmer, smoother looking skin while enjoying a light floral aroma. ECOCETICO certified. 5 ml.



• Gentle, woodsy scent
• Can be used to further customize an existing skin care routine


*Palmarosa, *Rosalina, *Copaiba, *Balsam, *Frankincense Serrata, *Frankincense Carteri, *Sandalwood, *Neroli, *Rose Absolute *Certified Organic by ECOCETICO.

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