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"I like the White Tea Facial Mist as it is easily absorb and the smell of the mist is fantastic."
- Kelly Lim
"I love the Nurturing Rose Conditioner. I use daily and it helps keep my hair conditioned and smells great!"
- Jennifer
"Likes Frankincense Toner as it balances skin and removes any impurities on my face."
- Irene Yoo
"I love this amazing product. The lotion come in a glass bottle with a convenient pump, NYR uses all high quality ingredient as you can see from the label. The wonderful smell also affect to the quality of essential oil used. Excellent for skin and emotions."
- Rebecca Lee
"After using Frankincense Eye Cream about a week, my dark circles has lightened, skin around the eye area is soft & smooth, no more puffiness in the morning eyes look brighter."
- Eyelyn Faith Chng
"Frankincense Intense Cream – finally a night cream that absorbs and doesn’t leave an oily sticky residual the next morning – love the subtle fragrance and benefits of Frankincense – anti-everything! ♥ ♥"
- Audrey Sim
"Geranium & orange shower gel is lovely! Scent is fantastic. Skin is nourish and supple! I look forward to every bath."
- Patricia Foong
"I have been using the Arnica Salve religiously every day and it really helps to relieve soreness, aches and pains. Its balm-like texture means you can blend it easily with essential oils. An additional benefit is that it keeps my skin soft!  "
- Celine Chew
"I have been using NYR's product for the past two years and I am loving it! The collection I love especially is the Frankincense Intense Collection. It helps reduce wrinkles, and moistures my skin. The aroma is nice, soothing and calming. Most importantly, it doesn't smell artificial. Besides the Frankincense Intense Collection, the White Tea Eye Gel is gentle for the eyes and prevent oil seeds for me!    "
- Sun Toh
"The Deliciously Ella range's moisturiser and facial wash smell so refreshing and nice - I use it as my main moisturiser for day and night and it's all natural and organic. I'm looking forward to more Deliciously Ella products!    "
- Mary Anne Macarno
"Everyone wants to give their baby the best. So do I. Neal's Yard Baby Lotion is the perfect choice to soothe and protect my daughter's sensitive skin. It is gentle enough to be used daily and it is easily absorbed and provides natural nourishment."
- Zoe Wang
"Just the right size for office use. Easily apply after every hand wash. Just a small pump is enough to make my hands stay moisturized, smooth and yet non-greasy at all. The geranium and orange fragrance combination is refreshing and it smells so natural. Of course, the best of all is that it's all natural and organically made. A must-have in office for all hydration freak!"
- A Happy NYR Customer
"Just a small dab of beauty balm is all I need if I do not have time for mask. It heals, conditions and repair my skin regardless of the weather or if I am travelling. My “fool proof” beauty must-have!  "
- Melissa Ling
"Baby lotion soothes my son’s dry skin and protect the skin from dryness. It is light and easily absorbed.  The light scent from its organics ingredients is really nice which both my son and I love, and we would always cuddle to sleep after applying the lotion. My son’s skin looks supple and I would definitely recommend to all babies." "Mothers' Balm. This is a must have for all mummies.  It is 100% organic which I feel safe and comfortable to use it daily.  The rich but yet light and easily absorbed balm makes me feels great after each application.  My stretch belly feels moist and smooth that even after 10 hrs from my morning application, I can still feel it on my skin.  I am on my 31th week pregnancy now and I don’t have any sign of stretch mark at all.  Bravo to this amazing product and I would highly recommend to all mummies."
- Baby Aaden Ee and Mummy Irene Chew
"After using the Frankincense Hydrating Cream for a week, my skin is visibly brighter and softer. Plus, the fact that it’s organic and it smells great is a bonus!"
- Ouyang Yan
"The Frankincense Intense age-defying cream smells great and feels even better. Its rich creamy texture is quickly absorbed into my skin with no sticky after-feel. My face feels and smells like it’s getting a spa with every application."
- Esther Low