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Remedies To Roll Set

Remedies To Roll Set

Product SKU: 7108

Organic pulse-point aromatherapy on the go.

Be ready for anything with our handy collection of pure organic and natural essential oils for Energy, Night Time, Relaxation and Travel.

Each of the four Remedies to Roll is a blend of mood-enhancing aromatherapy essential oils, specially blended with gentle sunflower oil to allow direct application to pulse points for immediate aromatherapy action.

Namaste from Nepal
Handmade in Kathmandu, our cloth bags are made from hemp grown in remote jungle areas collected, hand-spun, dyed with walnut hulls and woven into fabric by village communities. In areas with little or no employment opportunities, the income from hemp cloth is very important.

Over the 14 years weve been supporting this project, living standards have risen, more children now go to school, and families are able to purchase a wider range of foods, no longer relying solely on subsistence farming, providing greater health and independence for all.

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wpcf-benefits: <strong>Benefits:</strong> <ul> <li>Mood enhancing aromatherapy on the go</li> <li>Organic essential oils</li> <li>Blended for direct skin application</li> <li>Re-usable zipped hand-woven hemp bag</li> </ul>
wpcf-usage: Roll over pulse points to perfume the skin and enhance your mood.


  • Mood enhancing aromatherapy on the go
  • Organic essential oils
  • Blended for direct skin application
  • Re-usable zipped hand-woven hemp bag

Roll over pulse points to perfume the skin and enhance your mood.

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