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Essentials Kits

Small but beautifully formed, our Essential Kits are the perfect way to experience the full benefits of our organic skincare. Enjoy a natural beauty boost, whatever your skin type.
Award-winning Skincare Kit

Every one is brimming with natural antioxidants and active botanical extracts. Beauty editors around the world adore these must-have organic beauty heroes, here’s a simple way to discover them for yourself.

Your Award -Winning Skincare
Rejuvenating Frankincense Refining Cleanser (sachet) – sweeps away grime while gently exfoliating
Wild Rose Beauty Balm 15g – one-pot skin saviour: cleanses, exfoliates (when massaged in with a muslin cloth) and deeply moisturises
White Tea Facial Mist 8ml – carry with you for refreshing bursts of antioxidant-rich moisture
Beauty Sleep Concentrate 8ml – moisturises and fights lines and wrinkles as you sleep
White Tea Enriching Facial Mask 15g – use weekly to help restore skin’s moisture levels

Three reasons to love our new Award-Winning Skincare Kit
1. Try our widely acclaimed organic heroes the easy way
2. Give as a gift, they’re perfect for natural beauties
3. Travel light with your organic skincare essentials

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