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Beautiful, radiant skin begins with gentle, thorough cleansing – removing impurities and allowing moisturisers and treatments to be more deeply absorbed into your skin. All our cleansers are formulated with gentle, non-stripping ingredients and are fragrance and preservative free. Facial Wash or Cream Cleanser? There are no strict rules regarding how you cleanse your face. Choosing a wash or a cleanser comes down to personal preference; do you prefer the feeling of water on your skin, or a creamy cleanser that you’ll remove with cotton wool?
Wild Rose Beauty Balm

Back by popular demand!

Our Limited Edition Wild Rose Beauty Balm packaging was so well loved, that we’re delighted to say it’s now back permanently.

The beautiful illustrations are by talented young British designer, Alice Shields.

Nurtures and revitalises all skin types.  Our award-winning Wild Rose Beauty Balm can be used as a rich cleanser, gentle exfoliant or deeply nourishing balm – to quench areas of dry or dehydrated skin. The exceptionally high levels of wild rosehip oil – a potent antioxidant proven to help repair, firm and smooth the skin – are combined with geranium, starflower, hemp and rosemary oil, to help decongest and enrich the skin, restoring its natural radiance.

Includes a free organic muslin cloth.

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